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    accepting new clients in january 2024

    “I see your fear, and it’s big. I also see your courage, and it’s bigger. We can do hard things.” – Glennon Doyle

    Overall, life is pretty good. You are a woman, trying your best to be your badass self. You’re driven, ambitious, and, overall, you know what to do to keep yourself feeling good. You take yoga classes, read self-help books, and put on a good ol’ fashioned anti-aging skin-care mask every now and again. You pretty much have your shit together. Except

    Let’s face it: being a Millennial woman in today’s society really sucks. You are told you should “have and do it all.” You ‘should’ have a high paying job that you love, have 2.5 perfect children with a gorgeous partner you never argue with, and maintain perfect hair and flawlessly manicured nails while doing it. You feel like, “if I could just …. [fill in the blank: make more money; have clearer skin; find a partner; have a baby; be skinnier; have bigger boobs; etc life would be amazing.”

    As women, we are socialized to believe that we should be “perfect” versions of ourselves at all times, and if we aren’t (because, who is actually perfect?) then we aren’t ‘good enough’ for the things that we want in life. How can you escape the feeling that you’re not good enough when everywhere you turn, there’s yet another message, highlighting all the ways you’re falling short of what your life as a woman is “supposed” to be?

    IT. IS. THE. WORST. 

    This is where I come in. I am the therapist for women exactly like you. And together, we will work to increase your self-esteem, improve your relationships ( with others and with yourself), set boundaries, and dial down that damned anxiety and pressure you feel to be “perfect.”

    Your Time is Valuable

    I know how therapy can feel like a confusing, difficult-to-navigate obligation, and I am certainly not here to make your life harder. I offer 24/7 online scheduling, an online client portal, and a super safe, super secure, online therapy platform.

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