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    Therapy for Women

    At first glance, it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again.” Maryanne Rodmacher

    You used to have a very specific image in your head of what life would be like when you “grew up.” You pictured yourself happy, relaxed, going on fabulous vacations. You thought you’d have a great job with a generous salary, and a thriving social life. Maybe you pictured yourself with the perfect partner who gives you unconditional love and support, and is gorgeous to boot. In fact, you never fight! Your relationship is perfect!

    The reality is different. You haven’t seen your friends in ages, because of this never-ending pandemic. You and your partner aren’t connecting the way you used to, and it’s made you feel unlovable and just not good enough. Or, on your search for the perfect partner, you’ve become pessimistic and hopeless about dating, and feel like you’re losing your mind, swiping left, left, right, right.

    You loved your job when you started, but now you’re finding the pressures hard to keep up with, and you’re starting to resent that you have to work at all. Even getting up in the morning is starting to feel like a chore.

    You are tired. Being a “grown up” is exhausting.

    Being a woman on top of it is A LOT.

    We’re taught from a young age that we are supposed to be able to “do and have it all.” Without asking for help. That is unrealistic, and all it does is creates perfectionistic women who are exhausted, emotionally drained, and feel like they’re not good enough. With all the demands put on us in today’s society, it’s a wonder we’re getting anything done at all!

    Having walked, at times perilously, through my own journey to healing, I understand the unique challenges that women face. I also understand that finding happiness, grace, and peace is often simple; it is the precarious trek there – and the challenge of staying there – that prevents us from true happiness. 

    Let’s work together to create a plan toward peace. We will explore your needs and find real solutions that work for you, so you can see immediate changes in your day to day life. It may feel impossible to “do and have it all” while staying sane, but you can certainly achieve the life you dreamed of, and feel like a happier version of yourself while you get there.

    You can find joy!